About De Kimpe

Dekimpe Ltd. was founded in 1967 by Albert Dekimpe.  The company was at first continued by Christl and Jürgen Dekimpe.

Albert Dekimpe started off with exclusive distributorship for the Italian furniture houses Dexo and Orsenigo.  Sleek Italian design became one of the characteristics of Dekimpe.  In the mean time, the company has become a brand name in the world of furniture and stands for innovation and great value for money and is know for its outstanding after sales.  Renowned for its custom made furniture, Dekimpe meets all current market demands.

Dekimpe targets retail only.

About 10 years ago, JC Universal was established by Christl and Jürgen Dekimpe.  This dynamic company imports from outside the EU.  Its custom made designs and continuous striving for high quality differentiates JC Universal from its competitors.  JC Universal also targets retail.

In 2015 Christl Dekimpe took over the companies Dekimpe lc. and JC UNIVERSAL.

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